The Big Acquisition Day

Hmm, it seems today was the day of big acquisitions.

Oracle Buys BEA

I can see the benefit in this one, at least for Oracle. They are getting a seriously good Java application server (WebLogic), something they have been missing always. It isn’t that Oracle has not tried. I seem to recollect that they once built one themselves, which sucked. Then, when they discovered it sucked, they licensed Orion server to “develop” OC4J from, … and it still sucks. Today, they gave up, and bought BEA, which makes the WebLogic application server, which does not suck.

What this means to WebLogic, I do not know. I fear for it though. BEA as a company, now has some financial security, I guess. But I wonder what plans Oracle has for WebLogic. There sure are a lot of overlap with a lot of their existing products. Which ones will survive? Will WebLogic become like a block of cement around the feets of us developers, now Oracle owns it? I hope not.

Sun Buys MySQL

But what does Sun want MySQL for? I cannot grok it. Can you? I mean, who can understand Sun these days? Are they a hardware manufacturer? Well yes, for big iron and storage. But their little workstations or entry level machines are beaten on price-performance by PC hardware. They have open sourced their flagships Solaris and Java. All other they do, seem to be open sourced. So, are they a software manufacturer? Well yes, they construct software, but do they sell it?

What about services then. Like support and stuff. Maybe here, they can earn some honest and good dollars. And maybe this is where MySQL comes in. Or maybe, it is just an investment.

January 16, 2008 В· polesen В· 2 Comments
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2 Responses

  1. C0 - January 17, 2008

    > So, are they a software manufacturer?
    > Well yes, they construct software, but do they sell it?

    Ah, they claim that they sell service for it :)

  2. Antenore - March 11, 2008

    Maybe yes, IMHO…

    Software as service…

    I give you the software for free, software that it’s optimized for my hardware, support that will be included for free if you buy my hardware, and so on.

    How? I bought Mysql, my developers will optimize it for sparc and for solaris. I will act as controller and I’ll give precedence to patches and features related with my platform.

    It’s a good business deal, isn’t it?